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Student Learning Expectations

Just Citizen
A St. Joseph graduate will be aware of the global and local issues that affect God’s people and will be able to apply Gospel values to solutions in keeping with the Social Justice Doctrines of the church.

Outstanding Academics
A St. Joseph graduate will have met the rigorous academic requirements of the school curriculum in all core subjects according to the standards of the State of California and the Diocese of Orange, and will have passed or exceeded grade level assessments.
A St. Joseph graduate will be a steward of the earth’s resources having participated in earth friendly recycling projects; a steward of earthly goods having given time, talent and contributions to charitable causes; and a steward of personal talents by participating in sports and the arts.
Effective Communicator
A St. Joseph graduate will be an effective communicator who reads, listens, and speaks at or above grade level, having used technology to affect learning, presented and articulated idea in both oral and written presentations, and demonstrated mastery of grammar and conventions of writing.

A St. Joseph graduate will be an educated Catholic who has been instructed in the religious curriculum prescribed by the Diocese and has participated in liturgical celebrations including prayer services and Mass.
A St. Joseph graduate will be a healthy individual, who has completed the rigorous Physical Education curriculum based on California State Standards and the PE4ME program
in conjunction with St. Joseph Health Care. The student will be educated about health and nutrition and learn to make choices that promote life long health and respect for the human body as a temple of the Holy Spirit.